I offer a series of writing workshops that I can present at conventions, group meetings, or your local event. If you’re in or around Ottawa, please contact me to learn more.

Workshops are offered in 2-hour and 4-hour versions.

How to write short stories

Description: Writing a short story may seem easy, but how do you tell a complete story with compelling characters, an engaging plot, a strong sense of place and a universal theme in only a few thousand words? This workshop will teach you how short stories work, where to find inspiration, and how to turn that inspiration into the story.

Who this is for: Anyone — from experienced writers looking to sharped their skills to someone who has never written a story, but wants to.

Getting to ‘Yes’ in traditional publishing

Description: Your novel is finished, your test readers says it’s great, but publishers keep saying “no”. The problem might not be your work, but your pitch. Publishing is a business. Publishers, editors and agents want great works and good business relationships. If you’re trying to sell a novel, story collection, screenplay or graphic novel, come learn how to make your work stand out by showing you’re an author who professionals can work with.

Who this is for: Writers looking to learn more about publishing. This can be someone who has finished (or is near to) their first work, or has several pieces published and is looking to learn more.

Keep Readers on the Edge of Their Seat

Description: Readers talk about the books that keep them up at night, promising themselves just one more chapter until suddenly it’s morning. This is tension—I want to see what happens next. Tension is more than clipped sentences, the “ticking clock,” or cutting between scenes. Stories, and the scenes within them, have a structure. Understanding this structure allows you to put, and keep, readers on the edge of their seat thought things like effective villains, just-out-of-reach goals, and when to end a chapter.

Who this is for: From beginning writers to seasoned pros. Attendees should have some experience writing.